3D Holographic LED Display Fan

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  • ①image without border and background, to the audience feel like floating in the air.
  • ②Holographic imaging of high-tech, very attractive to consumers eye. Left a deep impression.
  • ③Holographic advertising machine, LED lights rotating display, the use of human eye retention principle, the formation of graphics, animation or video,
  • ④3d Hologram LED fan is the latest and most attractive advertising 3d display for shop mall,  cloths store, restaurant, museum,  jewellery shops, and many other retails outlets.Can also be used to express your love to people you like
  • ⑤Please carefully compare the purchase before the authentic authorization, whether the goods you want, OUR commitment to provide perfect after-sales service.

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clients could buy 14pcs of hologram LED fan to use it as multi-hologram LED fans matrix display.

> Specifications:
>Item no: FY3D-Z1
>Power: 10-15W
>Display Diameter: 420mm.
>Viewing angle:150°
>Content: MP4, Avi, Rmvb, GIF, JPG.mkv.Png .
>3D Effect Format: MP4 or GIF with black background.
>Software: converting and setting the content to SD card.
>Content Upload: insert SD card.
>Input Voltage: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz.
>Frame material :ABS+PC+Aluminum
>machine size:420*130*1100mm
>LED quantity:224pcs
>LED type:RGB0805LED light
>LED life:20000hours
>Work environment:indoor,non-waterproof
>Service life:50000hours
>Installation: mounted on wall

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